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Leadership and Human Systems – How Authority Relationships Influence Behavior

Edwin Friedman This is an expansion of an earlier post: A colleague in the nuclear industry recently asked my opinion of the role “boss stress” plays in nuclear safety culture. Research (study after study indicates that the boss-subordinate relationship is … Continue reading

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Examples of Work Culture Shifts

From: Finding fault and Blame  To: “Make it work” – Take responsibility From: Language of “I’ll try”  To: “I’ll do it” From: Low trust and morale  To: High trust and morale From: Low concern for safety  … Continue reading

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Leadership is the “root cause”

I’m fresh back from a ten day journey through London, Krakow, Budapest and Bucharest. What I saw and heard in my business conversations convinces me more that I’m on the right track thinking about the systemic influence of leadership behavior. … Continue reading

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The Nuclear Industries Blind Spot (and they’re not the only ones)

I wrote this as part of a Linkedin Nulcear Safety Culture Group. In sum, the nuclear industry, and many outside that industry, while understanding some of the behaviors and processes necessary for healthy culture, don’t have a clear grasp of … Continue reading

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