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Survey Feedback – A powerful and often misunderstood tool

A colleague in the Nuclear Industry wrote me recently seeking advice on how to promote “Human Performance Awareness” in a group of power plants.  While much has been written within the Nuclear Industry on how to define “Human Performance” (for … Continue reading

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The Leadership Paradox: the Shared Leadership Traits of Gandhi and Patton – excerpted from my free e-newsletter

Modern jargon about leadership, such as “coaching” and “servant leadership,” evokes images of a kindly leader including their people in “consensus” decision-making and providing friendly support to them as they get things done. An even more radical notion, supported by … Continue reading

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Leading During Tough Times – An excerpt from my e-newsletter

Tough Times may lie ahead. If so, than fear, both legitimate and overblown, will guide many decisions. Hatchet men for hire will have a field day, and companies will crack down on everything from spare parts to paperclips. For most … Continue reading

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Systems Thinking – an excerpt from my e-newsletter

The Paradigm of Personality Have You Looked Under the Hood and Checked Your Paradigm Lately? We are all a product of our times. Innocent in our youth, we soak up the beliefs of our culture like a sponge, quickly allowing … Continue reading

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Authority – Can’t Live With it, Can’t Live Without It!

Welcome to my blog! Presently I’m pondering a title for my second book (perhaps the title of this post will do). My first book, Fight, Flight, Freeze – Taming Your Reptilian Brain and Other Practical Approaches to Self-Improvement, is a … Continue reading

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