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Crosby & Associates OD is a catalyst for high performance & morale. Our methods are a unique blend grounded in research and decades of experience. In the spirit of Kurt Lewin, the founder of OD, as we partner with you in the present we transfer our methods to you so you are independent in the future. Learn more at

Chapter One from my new book, Diversity Without Dogma

Chapter One: A Framework for DEI Education and Action FIGURE 1.1A framework for DEI education and action. Here is an explanation of the framework in a nutshell: People are teaching about diversity, equity, and inclusion without any clarity about how … Continue reading

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Cover blurb for my new book, Diversity Without Dogma!

Social Scientist Kurt Lewin said, “No research without action, and no action without research.” Too much of the current DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) approach is insight-based instead of action-based. Even though institutional racism is identified as the root problem, … Continue reading

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Democracy, OD, and Ukraine

The President of Finland told Putin to “Look in the mirror.” We in the US should do the same. Please grant me your time and attention as I make the case for, and the connection between, democratic values in leadership, … Continue reading

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A Personal Declaration of Independence from Racism, Sexism and Greed

1. I do not identify with the power structure in the US built upon skin color and gender. I do not deny it has and does exist, and that I have and do receive direct and indirect privileges from it … Continue reading

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Keys to Success (in Citizen Involvement)

A new article by our founder on his application of OD to citizen involvement in government!…/2021/aug/03/keys-to-success/

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Democracy in politics and in the workplace

The following is in response to an on-line discussion between several colleagues which started with a post about the possible decline of democracy in the US, and went on to ponder whether that was caused by capitalism: I do think … Continue reading

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A colleague asked: “Does anyone have a case study, article(s), or other resources that explain how a retail bank with branches got their people to internalize and demonstrate values? Hoping for some guidance also on what kind of metrics they … Continue reading

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Change at Warp Speed

The future calls us to a new paradigm…a reality shift from the limited socially constructed thinking of the past into a nimble engagement with the ever-shifting present. Change at Warp Speed. Change at Warp Speed happens as it begins, in … Continue reading

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Gilmore Crosby on Lewin’s Situational Model of Leadership published in the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science!

We’re pleased to announce yet another cutting edge publication, this in the prestigious JABS! Gilmore Crosby has translated Lewin’s writings into a visual model and into a new understanding important and applicable to any leader. Here is the visual: Read … Continue reading

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The Fifteen Commandments of Crosby OD*

Thou shalt not bow to the market pressures of rejecting the old and worshipping the “new” Thou shalt not impose your bias against authority and hierarchy on others and call it sound theory Thou shalt not confuse “action-research” with the … Continue reading

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