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Lean Manufacturing

The key to lean is Action Research. Giving credit to Kurt Lewin, those on the front lines continually assessed the current situation, created actions towards a desired state, implemented, evaluated and recycled the process. Americans frequently ‘bought’ the product at … Continue reading

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The Eight Missing Elements in Project Management

There are eight elements frequently missing in Product Development and Project Management, thus seriously impairing such activities. In fact, most organizations accept as a given that these critical activities will be late and over budget, and will only be salvaged, … Continue reading

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The ERP Puzzle – Key pieces of successful software implementation

Most businesses use some form of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Many have a terrible time during initial implementation or during subsequent upgrades. Despite this, ERP systems are here to stay. ERP systems (such as Oracle, MAS90, and SAP) … Continue reading

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