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The Nuclear Industries Blind Spot (and they’re not the only ones)

I wrote this as part of a Linkedin Nulcear Safety Culture Group. In sum, the nuclear industry, and many outside that industry, while understanding some of the behaviors and processes necessary for healthy culture, don’t have a clear grasp of … Continue reading

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Don’t Chase the Stray Cow – Lessons on Leadership and Human Systems (from my upcoming book “Leadership Can Be Learned”)

“That’s just like my cows.” I’ll never forget Norm, a down to earth engineer who had been dealing with and managing people for decades, speaking up during the retreat I was facilitating. I had just drawn a bell shaped curve … Continue reading

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Managing the Wired Generation

I wrote this in response to my friend Mark Schaefer. He writes a pithy and practical marketing blogg which fouces on the us eof social media and has a large international following. In Mark’s last article, he posted a provocative question: … Continue reading

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