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Leadership – the first chapter from my new yet to be published book

Excerpted from “Leadership can be Learned” Chapter One: Leadership Take clear stands and stay connected – the essence of leadership. The task of being an effective authority figure remains the same, whether your role impacts many (President, VP, CEO, etc.) or … Continue reading

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The Nuclear Industries Blind Spot (and they’re not the only ones)

I wrote this as part of a Linkedin Nulcear Safety Culture Group. In sum, the nuclear industry, and many outside that industry, while understanding some of the behaviors and processes necessary for healthy culture, don’t have a clear grasp of … Continue reading

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Resistance to Change

 I think it’s helpful for leaders to get it that “resistance” is a wired response of the reptilian brain. The reptilian brain is constantly monitoring the environment for danger, and any change in the environment increases risk (from a pure … Continue reading

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Whole systems change

My colleagues on OD Net are discussing “whole systems change” which is the art of creating a high performance high satisfaction culture in an organization. Carefullly orchestrated events where a cross-section is brought together to create the new culture are … Continue reading

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