Whole systems change

My colleagues on OD Net are discussing “whole systems change” which is the art of creating a high performance high satisfaction culture in an organization. Carefullly orchestrated events where a cross-section is brought together to create the new culture are critical to such change. However, many in my profession miss the importance of authority relationships to a healthy culture. Trying to “move beyond” such relationships is a mistake, and almost cetainly an indication of “authority issues.” Working towards a rational approach to and support of authority is a more sustainable path for human beings. Hence, whole systems change must work with and through the authority structure, cascading the change from layer to layer in intact work groups, in conjunction with training and cross-functional events. This is the approach mastered by my father, Robert P. Crosby, and this is an approach that gets consistant results.

About crosbyod

Crosby & Associates OD is a catalyst for high performance & morale. Our methods are a unique blend grounded in research and decades of experience. In the spirit of Kurt Lewin, the founder of OD, as we partner with you in the present we transfer our methods to you so you are independent in the future. Learn more at www.crosbyod.com
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