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Authority & Performance: Addy Clip #1

High performance is possible in any system with the right blend of clear authority and engagement. In this brief video (9 minutes and 15 seconds), the first in a series, our founder explores the steps taken that have led to … Continue reading

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Organization Alignment

Your business success depends on how well you and your employees interact to ensure that everyone in all departments get what they need, when they need it. This fact is not a problem to solve, rather it is an honor … Continue reading

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Self Differentiated Leadership

A self-differentiated leader is able to lead and connect simultaneously. They respect their own inner guidance system – what they want, think, and feel – and convey their sense of direction clearly, calmly, and consistently. They follow their own path, … Continue reading

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Authority Relationships (Re-post from OD Net)

Hi Rosa, I love what you say about freedom and authority as complementary. In response to your question, I believe that if I don’t continue to work my reactions to my primary customer that I become part of the system. … Continue reading

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