Authority – Can’t Live With it, Can’t Live Without It!

Welcome to my blog! Presently I’m pondering a title for my second book (perhaps the title of this post will do). My first book, Fight, Flight, Freeze – Taming Your Reptilian Brain and Other Practical Approaches to Self-Improvement, is a self-help workbook combining emotional intelligence and behavioral science. Its essentially a text version of a group learning workshop that my father, Robert P. Crosby, has led people through since the 1950’s, and I’ve continued to deliver since 1984. While group learning is more powerful than isolated learning, Fight, Flight, Freeze still packs a mighty learning punch, if I do say so myself. You can learn more about it at:

Holding a position and of authority, and relating to people in positions of authority, is the most consistently emotional aspect of work, hence the title of this post and possibly of my next book. A wise leader intentionally encourages subordinates to overcome their fear of authority and say what the truly want, think and feel. A wise subordinate realizes that the reptilian brain’s impulse for survival will encourage playing it safe, but that to truly get what they want they must surface issues. For both parties, this is more easily said than done. Like all emotionality, patterns of behavior regarding authority get set in our earliest attachments, and can only be altered with clear self-awareness, and persistent intention.

Authority relations are the key to productivity and morale. I’ve  spent my life working on emotionally intelligent leadership, and I look forward to spending the rest of my bloging about it! Let me know what you think!



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Crosby & Associates OD is a catalyst for high performance & morale. Our methods are a unique blend grounded in research and decades of experience. In the spirit of Kurt Lewin, the founder of OD, as we partner with you in the present we transfer our methods to you so you are independent in the future. Learn more at
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