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A future of Organization Development (OD)

Despite the ancient wisdom, “there is nothing new under the sun,” many OD practitioners and their customers seem to be addicted to finding what is “new.” This habit has been manifested over the past few decades through a constant stream … Continue reading

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Sponsor, Agent, Target (SAT) – A Systems Approach to Everyday Work Life

This post, co-authored by Gil and Chris Crosby, is based on founder and father Robert P. Crosby’s adaptation of Daryl R. Conner’s change model. In today’s organization, most people work with and depend on individuals outside of their immediate work … Continue reading

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Lean Manufacturing

The key to lean is Action Research. Giving credit to Kurt Lewin, those on the front lines continually assessed the current situation, created actions towards a desired state, implemented, evaluated and recycled the process. Americans frequently ‘bought’ the product at … Continue reading

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The Eight Missing Elements in Project Management

There are eight elements frequently missing in Product Development and Project Management, thus seriously impairing such activities. In fact, most organizations accept as a given that these critical activities will be late and over budget, and will only be salvaged, … Continue reading

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The ERP Puzzle – Key pieces of successful software implementation

Most businesses use some form of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Many have a terrible time during initial implementation or during subsequent upgrades. Despite this, ERP systems are here to stay. ERP systems (such as Oracle, MAS90, and SAP) … Continue reading

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Change Management – Are You Managing Change or Avoiding Reality?

Change management is not something you do, it is something that IS! It is happening each moment of each day in all workplaces. Of course there are tasks and methods to learn that can help, but every work place in … Continue reading

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Leaders Lead…and Manage

It’s often said that leaders lead and managers manage. From my perspective, if a leader doesn’t “manage”…if they don’t organize the system to pull off their vision by essentially clarifying who’s going to do what by when and then holding … Continue reading

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Leadership and Culture by Robert P. Crosby

The use of too much authority or the absence of authority are equally disastrous. The culture created by authoritarianism is well known. The culture encouraged by a vacuum of leadership is one of confusion, delay, and unproductive anxiety leading to … Continue reading

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T-Groups – “…the most significant social invention of the (20th) century.”

T-Groups are a unique learning methodology invented in 1946 by Kurt Lewin, who many consider the founder of organizational development. Carl Rogers, a renowned psychotherapist, reportedly described the T-Group as “…the most significant social invention of the century.” We strongly agree. … Continue reading

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Implementation – The Overlooked Root Cause

A recent group discussion entitled “Should Failure be Rewarded” inspired me to ponder botched implementation as a persistant yet overlooked root cause of failure in most organizations. Here’s my response, elaborated on for this blog: Insist on a thoughtful analysis of “failures.” Reward people … Continue reading

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