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The Unaccepted Self and Becoming Who You Are

The Trappist Monk, Thomas Merton wrote: “Finally I am coming to the conclusion that my highest ambition is to be what I already am. That I will never fulfill my obligation to surpass myself unless I first accept myself—and, if I accept … Continue reading

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Crosby Style OD

I recently wrote this to colleagues in a professional OD group: Crosby Style OD develops individuals, groups, and organizations mostly through group processes that engage the people who are dealing with problems in generating and implementing their own solutions. Kurt … Continue reading

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Four Key Ingredients for Engagement and Results

The first post in Chris Crosby’s new blog!  

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Micro-Invalidation & Micro-Aggression: Walking the Line Between Awareness and Dogmatism/Group Think

Summary: Until all human beings are consistently treated with equal respect, concepts such as micro-invalidation are needed. However, applied loosely and then defended, such concepts can also have an unintended chilling effect on cross-cultural dialogue. I’ve been part of an … Continue reading

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Why Does Your Business Exist?

I was recently asked that on a social media site. Here is my answer: My business exists partially in honor of my grandfather, who was an hourly worker on the railroad in Pittsburgh. My father, who founded Crosby & Associates, … Continue reading

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Are Leaders Born or Bred

Reprinted from the May 3 2018 Zimbabwe Financial Times HR PERSPECTIVE: Are leaders born or bred? MEMORY Nguwi  (MN) caught up with one of the leading Organisation Development Experts from the USA and explored what makes a leader. Gilmore Crosby … Continue reading

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The Limitations of Traditional Leadership Programs

The most recent book by Organization Development (OD) master practitioner Gilmore Crosby, entitled Leadership Can Be Learned: Clarity, Connection, and Results, describes how leaders can be more effective in their interpersonal, group, and large-system interactions. During a recent conversation about his book, … Continue reading

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Leadership Can Be Learned Video

Join the author as he describes his second book!  

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Matrixed Work, Authority & Hierarchy

I recently posted this to an OD group: I wrote this in the middle of the night last night, not specifically as a response to this string, but it is relevant. I was actually stimulated by my search, with the … Continue reading

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Stretch goals versus continuous improvement…a false dichotomy

A consultant named John Reeve posted the above picture on linkedin with the title “Continuous Improvement may lead to Mediocrity.” I agree, but fear this will become one more typically oversimplified consulting message, such as “core competencies” (which led to companies … Continue reading

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